Somalia: Massive blaze devours 22 farms in Bari


ISKUSHUBAN, Somalia, September 21, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Massive blaze has devoured 22 farms in a town popular with date palms according to Iskushuban District Commissioner Mohamud Ismael Isse, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking on Puntland-based independent station, Radio Garowe, Isse said that the fire gutted the farms, and left more than 300 households destitute.

“Nearly 6600 trees planted in the large tracts of agricultural land have been destroyed and we arrested a farmer in connection with the damaging blaze,” noted Iskushuban District Commissioner.

Puntland government and international agencies have been notified of the adverse effect of palm-fire.

Residents are dependent on agricultural products, mainly fruits of date palms.


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