Somalia: Minister planning to doom Garowe Airport Project to failure


GAROWE, Somalia Sept 23, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Puntland’s Minister of Civil Aviation and Airports Hassan Haji Saed (Hassan Adde) has been linked to secret plans aimed at dooming construction of Garowe International airport to failure, Garowe Online reports.

Saed rebuffed to sing preliminary design report and cost estimates by Nabeel Abdul-Raheem Consulting firm (NARCO) which works with Kuwait fund, the agency that donated USD 10 million meant for the construction of Garowe airport runway and Maakhir University in October 2013.

GO has learned that Civil Aviation Minister alongside ministry directors and Nugal traditional leaders listened to preliminary report on paved run way and erection of planes parking spots and fire, rescue and air traffic control stations but at the end of the gathering Saed turned down request for signature.

On September 17, NARCO engineers arrived in Puntland to speed up Garowe airport upgrade which would absorb USD 6 million out of the USD 10 million donated by Kuwait Fund.

It is unclear whether Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali who held a meeting with NARCO officials in advance of the presentation is aware of the new challenge. 


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