Somalia: Nugal wins Puntland basketball tournament


GAROWE, Somalia, March 14, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Ahead of the East and Central Africa inter-cities tournament, Nugal trounced Mudug and Karkaar regions by 4 points in Puntland basketball tournament on Friday, Garowe Online reports.

The first game of its kind in the north eastern state and more generally in Somalia in 25 years brought together three teams representing Nugal, Mudug and Karkaar regions in the state capital of Garowe.

The exciting finish of the match went to Nugal players, with Mudug advancing with a win over Karkaar-a victory that put it in the second place according to Puntland Sports and Youth Ministry.

Puntland’s Minister for Sports Abdirahman Ahmed Abdulle said the basketball games are entry point for more encounters in the near future.

In May 2014, in inter-cities tournament, Tanzania’s ‘Dar Dream Team’ lost to Garowe city while Hargeisa compatriots got outsmarted by a team from Cairo.

Puntland government officials say, they are optimistic about the future of Somalia basketball games and the stars emerging from the on-going efforts to rejuvenate the sport sector.

Garowe, is the provincial capital of Nugal, and trashed finals opponent in 2014 and 2013 in tough home ground games. 


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