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Somalia: Presidential hopeful Farole jets off to Kenya


GAROWE, Puntland- Former Puntland President and Upper House Senator, Abdirahman Mohamoud Farole has traveled to neighboring Kenya on Tuesday, before heading to the Somali capital of Mogadishu, to take part in the ongoing elections of Parliament leadership and Somali President, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking to the local media at Garowe Airport before departure, Senator Farole expressed hope that the upcoming election could usher in a new period of stability and federalism in the country.

Farole said he is a presidential candidate like other aspirants, will accept the results of the forthcoming election, however, he urged Somali government leaders to peacefully hand over power if conceded defeat, giving an example of him handing over power back in January 2014. 

He also called to support to whoever elected to be a President to ensure unity of the country.

Senator Farole stated his campaign has begun in February 2015, and focused to put an end to “4.5” clan structured power sharing model used to build the government. He said the formula didn’t serve the interest of the country but had the effect of fracturing the nation.

On the other hand, he appealed for immediate relief response to the drought victims in remote areas and noted that citizens in Somali cities and overseas should jointly cooperate to provide aid for those in need.       

He also urged businessmen to provide financial assistance, whereas he called religious leaders to support delivering humanitarian aid to families who couldn't migrate from drought areas. 

The state government should also take part in the emergency response programs to help the nomadic families in drought-stricken areas, added Farole.

The presidential candidate Farole is expected to hold several meetings in Nairobi in the coming days before heading to Mogadishu city ahead of the elections of Upper House Speaker and Somali President scheduled in January 2017


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