Somalia: Protests, disputes overshadow Bossaso mayoral election


BOSSASO, Somalia, September 30, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Violent protests clanged in Bossaso port city as city councilors have elected new-comer, Yasin Mire Mohamud as new mayor in an overwhelming vote on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports.

On Tuesday, swearing-in ceremony held for new Bossaso city council members had cast a shadow over the mayoral election process after key contender, Omar Sidik relinquished his run for the post on the grounds of interferences by Puntland government.

Speaking at a luncheon at Ga’ayte Hotel, clan elders accused President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali’s administration of meddling in the selection and election process.

Councilors raised their hands to pick Mohamud with twenty eight votes, in move that angered electoral district clans in comparison to the indirect ballot boxes that brought Garowe and Qardo mayors to office in mid-August and late September respectively.

Puntland Security Minister Abdi Hirsi Ali (Qarjab) said, the overt vote has not been proposed by vetting and conflict resolution committee.

Security forces are trying to contain angry crowds that took to the streets to protest against the outcome of contest. Protesters are said to have set fire to tyres.


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