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Somalia: Puntland airlifts vital aid to cyclone victims in coastal town


ALULA, Puntland – The Government of Puntland began airlifting Emergency food aid and relief items to coastal regions affected by the tropical cyclone PAWAN early this month, Garowe Online reports.

The devastating cyclone has left more than 300,000 people in dire need of humanitarian support in the coastal towns in Bari, Nugal, Gardafu regions, including Hafun, Iskushuban, Baargaal, Gara'ad, Qandala, and Alula.

Puntland's Vice President, Ahmed Karash arrived in the seaside Alula by a cargo plane carrying assistance destined to help the flood victims, including women and children, who lost everything in the natural disaster.

The aircraft loaded with aid has taken off from Garowe early Sunday morning.

Karash and other senior government officials have embarked on a tour to assess the scale of the damages caused by recent flooding and deliver humanitarian supplies to displaced families.

Pawan impacted the shipping lane that links Somalia and Gulf states. The cyclone also caused extensive destruction of property and infrastructure including roads, buildings, and boats due to the strong winds.

Local officials said the heavy rainfall caused flooding and trigger landslides, resulting in casualties, as well as damages to crops livelihoods, livestock, infrastructure, and housing.

There are confirmed reports that tropical storm has claimed the lives of over 10 people across Puntland.

The airlift is part of the Puntland government's efforts to provide vital aid to thousands of people who have been affected by the heavy rains, flash floods, and the cyclone-affected most parts of the Federal State.

Pawan is the 8th cyclone to form over the north Indian Ocean this year, a record for this decade.

This latest flooding associated with torrential rains, which follows extreme drought in Somalia this year, once again reveals the country’s vulnerability to the effects of climate change. 


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