Somalia: Puntland celebrates 16 years of statehood


GAROWE, Somalia August 1, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Somalia's North Eastern State of Puntland has marked its founding day with colorful celebrations in the state capital of Garowe on Friday, Garowe Online reports.

All walks of life including neighborhood youths, women, professionals, Internally Displaced Persons, elementary, intermediate and secondary school students, senior force commanders with Army Commander-in-Chief Gen. Saed Mohamed Hirsi (Saed Dhere) at the forefront, parliamentarians, cabinet ministers, Vice President Abdihakin Abdullahi Haji Omar Amey and President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas. 

In step towards tight security, police forces cordoned-off key roads leading from Garowe Square where the largest festivities were held.

Custodian corps officers, Police, Armed forces and Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF), amongst other non-civilian components marched in parade on the capital city's square. Local radio stations and Somali channels worldwide televised live from the scene of 16th anniversary.

The Chairman of organizers' committee and Minister of Public Work and Housing Abdirashid Mohamed Hirsi said three phases have been slated for the events marking the founding of Somalia's stable Puntland.

Encounter between Horseed Garowe and Komsed Galkio was put on display in Mire Aware stadium.

Puntland President Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas congratulated people of Puntland on 16th anniversary and unveiled that he would deliver official address at the statehouse on Friday evening.

Puntland, located in northern Somalia is held-up as role model and leading pioneer by International community when it comes to the loose federalization process.


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