Somalia: Puntland court sentences four to death for killing


BOSASO, Puntland - Somalia's Puntland State military court on Sunday sentenced four young men to death while three others were handed fines after they were convicted of murder, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland prosecuting attorney at the military court, Mohamed Yusuf said the men have been found guilty of killing a local businessman in Bosaso, the commercial city of the northeastern Somali Federal State last week.

The defendants - Abdifitah Ahmed Hassan, Dahir Dalmar Saleh, Farhan Said Yusuf, and Mohamed Abdirahman Mohamud were detained by the security force after killing Salad Ali Dirie [Ukash] in the Gulf of Aden city.

The judge stated that the convicted men can still take an appeal if they are not satisfied with the verdict. The court fined Saleh and Yusuf $190 for taking away the mobile of the slain trader.

The sentenced men argued that their intention was not to kill Dirie, but, to rob him.

Puntland's new president, Said Abdullahi Deni promised to root out Al-Shabab and ISIL-linked faction in the mountainous areas of Bari region, where security forces have been battling the terrorists in the last six years.

Bosaso city witnessed many terror attacks by the militants who targeted government officials, security personnel and traders as the rival groups [Al-Shabab and ISIL] are contesting for extortions on business.

Intense onslaughts that tightened noose Al-Shabab in the south and central Somalia is believed to have forced the extremists to flee towards Galgala hills in Puntland, in an attempt to set up new bases.


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