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Somalia: Puntland eases restrictions on trucks arriving from Southern Somalia


GAROWE, Puntland- Following deliberation between Puntland President, Vice President and businessmen to lift the ban on trucks from Southern Somalia, Puntland government has agreed to partially ease restrictions, Garowe Online reports.    

Vice President Abdihakin Abdulahi Omar has earlier banned cargo trucks from crossing into Galkayo city following the deadly twin bombing that hit Galkayo city in 21 August.

Since then, commercial trades between Puntland and Southern Somalia considerably slashed down effecting major trades and further worsening crippled Puntland economy.  

During the meetings businessmen urged leaders to reconsider the decision as Puntland economy is largely depended on livestock trades from Southern Somalia for exports to the Arabian Peninsula.

Close sources told GO that Vice President Omar, who firmly supported his decision on the ban, was convinced by President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali to lift up the restrictions on trucks carrying livestock to enter Puntland region.

Galkayo residents have welcomed the ban earlier, saying the ban facilitated the creation of more jobs and improved security in region.

But the new directive has angered residents, prompting rallies in front of Galkayo’s Municipality center denouncing the move. Protesters clogged the roads and burned tires to block trucks coming from Southern Somalia from entering into the city.

Puntland leaders have frequently issued orders without the consultation of Council of Ministers, and in most cases it revoked its decisions after reconsideration.


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