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​Somalia: Puntland forces arrest al-Shabaab suspects carrying explosives in Bosaso


BOSASO, Puntland- Security forces of Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland have arrested suspected terrorists carrying explosives in the city of Bosaso, the commercial hub of the region on Tuesday night, Garowe Online reports.

The security forces conducted a special operation in the city and apprehended five suspects believed to be linked to the terrorist group al-Shabaab, attempting to carry out terrorist attacks in Bosaso.

Speaking to Radio Garowe, The Police Commissioner of Bari region, Col. Abdihakim Yusuf Husain, said the operation was conducted after receiving information about possible terrorist attack in Bosaso.

He said the authorities are conducting investigation and believe the suspects have ties to al-Shabaab group. "majority of them hail from Bay region in southern Somalia,' added Husain. 

Asked about the targeted areas which the suspects aimed to attack, the official said there are no clear information on the matter but noted the group is known to target officials, government buildings and public places.

The official said the security forces are prepared to counter al-Shabaab insurgency and urged the public to cooperate with the authorities to deter the threat of terrorist groups.

In the past years, Bosaso city witnessed many terrorist attacks by militants who targeted government officials amid strike of security forces who complained about poor welfare and unpaid salaries during the current administration led by President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali "Gaas".