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Somalia: Puntland government utilizes U.A.E. bonus payment to complete infrastructure projects


GAROWE, Puntland- The President of Somalia’s northeastern government of Puntland, Abdiwali Mohamed Ali “Gaas” handed over funds to complete the projects of Garowe Airport and Baran-El Dhahir road, Garowe Online reports.

In a special ceremony held on Monday at East African University in the capital Garowe, the President transferred a total amount of $ 3.5 Million to Turkish-based Gultinkin Kar construction company and the committee in charge of constructing Baran-El Dhair road.

Gultinkin Kar company received $ 2.5 Million, whereas the remaining fund was allocated to build the 90 km road connecting Baran to El Dhair. The fund for the road was initially donated by the public and Puntland government.

The ceremony was attended by top government officials, prominent elders and members of the civil society. During the speech session, officials and various participants commended the government for supporting and prompting infrastructure projects .

The allocated funds came from a bonus payment $ 10 Million made by U.A.E.-based Dubai Port World after the agreement on the expansion of Bosaso Port with Puntland government. 

The bonus payment was given to support Puntland government to implement infrastructure projects. DP World a global marine terminal operator has also made similar agreement to modernize and manage Barbara Port in Somaliland.

Garowe Airport project was agreed on earlier to be funded by Kuwait in two phases, however, the second phase delayed which made the President to use the bonus payment for the completion of the project.  

Puntland people commended the government for utilizing the funds donated by U.A.E to build needed infrastructure in the region, which will boost economy and employment.


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