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Somalia: ​Puntland government imposes restrictions on road travel


Galkaiyo, Puntland – Puntland government has imposed new restrictions on road transport inside Puntland region on Thursday, Garowe online reports.

According to a document received by GO Puntland’s Vice President Abdihakim Abdulahi Haji Omar, who is in a visit to Galkiayo city, has issued a Presidential decree ordering security agencies and control checkpoints in all Puntland provinces to scrutinize vehicles transporting people between Puntland’s cities.

The order included security checking and recording of passengers on board, transferring passengers with no IDs to the security agencies and obtaining travel permits from district authority.

The move came after Puntland government has earlier imposed a ban on trucks coming from South and Central Somalia to enter Puntland region amid growing security challenges in Mudug region, which has witnessed intensified terrorist attacks by Al Shabab militants group during this year.

Puntland government has blamed trucks arriving from South and Central Somali for the security deterioration of the Puntland region following the twin suicide blasts in Galkiayo city in 21 August, which resulted in the death of 20 people and injuring of over 40 people.

According to analysts Puntland government is attempting to improve security measures in the region while Puntland army staging mutiny over unpaid salaries and support, a situation that will always assist Al Shabab militants group to take advantage of it.


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