Somalia: Puntland Govt delays Garowe, Bossaso district councils


GAROWE, Somalia, July 21, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Puntland government in northern Somalia has delayed the formation of local councils for the capital, Garowe and Bossaso port city over undisclosed reasons, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland President, Abdweli Mohamed Ali dissolved the municipal councils of Bossaso and Garowe on May 27 and June 3 respectively despite pre-dissolution displeasure by traditional leaders.

Ali called for the establishment of new local councils in 45 days, an endeavor given Ministry of Interior, Local Government and Rural Development.

The term of interim administration nominated by Puntland President over 45 days ago expired.

Garowe and Bossaso are pivotal for the state’s economy, strenuous business transactions and the day-to-day activities of government institutions.

Development Programmes at stake

Delay in selection of new councilors became hurdle to huge development programmes sponsored by World Bank and United Nations. In the state capital of Garowe, further delay could risk rescinding of multi-million dollars project if new district council is not formed before August.

Garowe constituencies have already agreed to the nominees for council seats, sources who spoke to Garowe Online have confirmed.

Puntland President rebuffed calls to give up on his decision to disband Bossaso and Garowe municipal councils in May, with clan elders sharing their concerns on any hamper of developmental projects with Ali.

Swift district council formation process was raised in private meetings held in light of the challenges lying ahead due to the dissolution.

Bossaso district council

Bossaso port city, the most populous city exhibits complexity during selection and election of district council, and Bossaso constituents come to loggerheads on sharing seats allotted for each clan, experts tell Garowe Online.

Unquashed speculations went viral after reports that Puntland president is favoring a particular clan for the mayoral seat surfaced.

International partners have been assisting Puntland in efficiency and responsiveness of local governance since 2006. 


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