Somalia: Puntland Govt frees detained web editor


GAROWE, Somalia Jan 21, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Government in northern Somalia has freed the editor of Somali news site and Diaspora returnee Hussein Yasin Godo-Godo on guaranty on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports. 

Godo-Godo was arrested by police on Tuesday over undisclosed reasons according to Media Association of Puntland (MAP). 

The release of the detained journalist comes a day after leaked blacklist revealed blocking order from a presidential official. 

The government imposed ban on six Somali websites including Garowe Online on September 20, 2014. 

Nevertheless, Garowe Online can be accessed by internet café users via normal browsers. 

MAP previously condemned the move, calling for respect for right to freedom of expression. 

Godo-Godo has returned from Norway at the beginning of the year, and is known for his critical reporting on Somali politics. 


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