Somalia: Puntland Govt shuts down independent radio station


GAROWE, Somalia-Puntland authorities has closed down independent Daljir Radio’s FM station in the state capital of Garowe for interviewing former Bari Governor, Garowe Online reports. 

Police broke in on Thursday on order from the government in a troubling move on freedom of media a day after controversial Information Minister Mohamud Hassan So’adde threatened journalists with “bullets”. 

On Wednesday, Puntland Information Ministry issued a directive banning journalists from interviewing figures with links to pirates and terrorists.

 So’adde later drew the ire of the public for vilifying independent media in the audio recording captured by Puntland-based station, Daljir Radio.  

The minister previously sparked controversy with his tirade against media houses.  

Local journalists condemned So’ade for brazen disregard for the constitution and basic tenets of freedom of expression in protest at his life-threatening comments.  

Puntland troops Thursday skirmished with militias loyal to former Bari Governor, AbdisamadGalan near the town of Armo.