Somalia: Puntland intensifies security patrol in Bossaso


BOSSASO, Somalia Jan 15, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Somalia’s North Eastern State of Puntland has intensified security checks and night patrols in the Gulf of Aden Port City of Bossaso after second grenade explosion in a week, Garowe Online reports.

Security officials told Garowe Online that 20 people were arrested in connection with grenade attack on soldiers on Patrol at Afar Irdodka junction overnight on Wednesday.

A soldier died and two others were wounded in the grenade explosion.

The massive security operation targeted Bossaso’s Raf and Raaho neighborhood, with officials disclosing that interrogations are underway.

Last Friday, two soldiers and a civilian bystander sustained minor injuries after suspected Al Shabaab assailants hurdled hand grenade into a police compound.

Somalia’s beleaguered militant group, Al Shabaab claimed credit for the attack, boasting they wounded four soldiers.

Puntland, located in northeastern Somalia is battling Islamist insurgents in the rugged terrain of Galgala, some 50km southwest of Bossaso. 


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