Somalia: Puntland leader appeals for drought aid


GAROWE, Somalia August 21, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Government in northern Somalia has on Thursday appealed for international and domestic assistance as drought continuous to pose humanitarian challenge to nomads and villagers in extreme vicinities along the Indian ocean and worst-hit regions, Garowe Online reports.

Shortly after weekly cabinet meet at Puntland State House, President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas announced that severe water shortage and intensifying drought left nearly 350,000 households in Bari, Guardafu, Sanaag, Nugal, karkaar and Mudug regions more destitute.

“We declare that more than 350,000 families in drought affected rural and pastoral settlements located in Bari (Qandala, Balidhidin, iskushuban districts), Gardafu, Sanaag(Badhan, Laasqoray), Nugal (Dangorayo, Eyl), Karkaar (Hafun, Rako, Beyla), Mudug (Towfiq, Saho, Jiriban) including those living in urban centres are critically affected by the current drought and are in need of immediate assistance,” read press statement from Puntland Government.

Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Agency (HADMA) teams are said to have made assessment, with Puntland calling for both domestic and international aid in the form of emergency water supply, provision of health services, emergency livestock treatment, prepositioning of standby equipments and immediate rehabilitation of strategically located water points.

Somalia’s stable point noted it will take a leading role in delivering humanitarian assistance to the needy.

Puntland, located in northern Somalia has just recovered from tropical cyclone that claimed at killed at least 100 people in late 2013. 


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