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Somalia: Puntland leader meets EU envoy


GAROWE, Puntland- The President of Somalia's northeastern state of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, has on Sunday, met EU special envoy and Ambassador to Somalia Michele Cervone d'Urso, following his visit to the state’s capital, Garowe Online reports.

The meeting held at the State House in Garowe city, with the presence of Puntland Planning Minister and other state officials.

During the talks, both sides discussed the upcoming Somali elections, parliamentary polls for both Houses and EU-sponsored highway rehabilitation project between Garowe and Galkayo.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Ambassador d'Urso after the meeting, President Ali noted that talks focused on the political transition of the country later this year and the importance to maintain EU sponsored projects in Puntland region.  

On his side, Ambassador d’Urso has reiterated EU support to Puntland state since its establishment in 1998, and extended EU commitment to honor elections roadmap by stakeholders in the upcoming electoral process.

He said that they have discussed the parliamentary elections for both Houses and the need to hold further consultation on the elections process. He also stressed on the importance to ensure timely and credible elections to avoid additional delays.

Last week, EU has criticized the renewed extension of the parliamentary and presidential elections and expressed that further delays will undermine the legitimacy of the government institutions. EU has warned that extension should not create space for political manipulation and disruption by spoilers.  


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