Somalia: Puntland MPs pass Electoral Commission Bill


GAROWE, Somalia Dec 9, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Lawmakers in Somalia’s Puntland parliament have unanimously passed a law clearing the way for the establishment of credible Electoral Commission after a two-day intense debate, Garowe Online reports.

On Tuesday, of the 50 Members of Parliament in the hall, 45 voted in favor of the 24-clause bill, 3 voted against while two lawmakers abstained from voting.

Speaking on Puntland-based independent station, Radio Garowe, MP Saed Abdi Samatar (Sur’ad) said that the parliamentarians removed clause 10 from the law on Electoral commission through an open vote over the course of the parliamentary debate.

Meanwhile, the chairman of parliamentary sub-committee on legislations Ahmed Jama stressed that the newly approved bill would help Puntland move from clan-based system to democratic elections in the coming years.

Special clauses governing the nomination of Puntland Electoral commission secretary-general were also included in the electoral commission bill.

On Saturday, Puntland lawmakers voted out the role of Ministry of Constitution in the registration of political associations and supervision of body’s day-to-day activities.

The original Election bill that was introduced on January 2, 2011 gave due emphasis to the embezzlement unlike the amended electoral law.

On July 14, 2013 former Puntland President Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Farole had suspended Puntland’s first-ever democratic elections after what the government at the time described political spoilers incited ordinary residents against the government in Qardo, some 122km north of the capital, Garowe.

The 34th parliament session will come to conclusion with the passage of 2015 budget next week.


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