Somalia: Puntland opposes of appointment of envoy of Somaliland affairs


GAROWE, Somalia - Puntland has rejected the appointment of a new envoy on Somaliland affairs, accusing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of "insubordination" towards the SSC regions. The region has been experiencing conflict for the past three months, with Las Anod being the latest tragedy.

Mohamud appointed former Galmadug leader Abdikarim Hussein Guled as the Special Envoy for Somaliland Affairs and instructed him to immediately work on the resumption of the talks. He asked him to ensure "ensure the unity and solidarity of the Somali people." Guled's appointment was welcomed by the president of the breakaway region Muse Bihi.

However, SSC-Khatumo has declared that their regions are not part of Somaliland and have been battling for control of Las Anod since January 2023. Thousands of people have been displaced in the conflict, according to the UN and other aid agencies.

Puntland has accused the appointment of violating the rights of SSC regions, while denying allegations made by Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, of supporting violence in Las Anod.

The SSC-Khatumo has welcomed Guled's appointment as the new envoy for talks between Somalia and Somaliland and thanked President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for his efforts to find a solution for the Somaliland issue. However, they clarified that they are not and will never be part of Somaliland and believe in the territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Over the weekend, Faisal Abdi Botan, the commander of the 12th Brigade of the Somaliland Army, stated that they will resume the offensive against the SSC-Khatumo forces within Las Anod, despite calls for a ceasefire by the US and other international partners.


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