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​Somalia: Puntland parades weapons seized from IS fighters


BOSASO, Puntland- The government of semi-autonomous region of Puntland, has paraded a huge cache seized from faction affiliated to Islamic State (ISIS) after recapturing Qandala on last December, Garowe Online reports. 

Last week, a delegate led by Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali "Gaas" has reached port town Qandala, located 75 km west of Bossaso city, the commercial hub of Puntland state. 

They paraded light weapons and materials used to make explosive bombs and laid out hundreds of ammunitions after a breakthrough battle against the terror group.

The ISIS fighters were reported to have fled to nearby mountains areas between Qandala and Bosaso, following their defeat.

However, addressing the military troops in Qandala, President Ali said the terror group could not hold on territories in Puntland and urged the community to collaborate with the military forces to ensure security and stability of the region.

But so far the government didn’t clarify if militant fighters were captured or surrendered following the take over of Qandala town.

On October 2015, a faction defected from Al Qaida linked Al Shabaab group has announced alliagnce to ISIS and since were recruiting fighters to consolidate gains in Puntland, which led to the fall of Qandala last October without resistant.

Puntland, located northeastern of Somalia has been relatively stable compared to the rest of Somalia but attacks by the terrorist groups are posing serious risks to the stability of the region.


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