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Somalia: Puntland parliament calls nat’l commissions ‘Null’


GAROWE, Somalia, July 12, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Lawmakers in Somalia’s Puntland Parliament on Sunday called two key commissions approved by federal cabinet and 275-seat-chamber ‘null and void’ as row continues to widen over legitimacy of Galmudug, Garowe Online reports.

At the end of intense debate that dragged into Sunday, Puntland MPs said they recognize the Provisional Federal Constitution (PFC) signed by six signatories with United Nations Political Office for Somalia represented as guarantor.

“Puntland Parliament clarifies that Constitutional Review Commission, Independent National Electoral Board, and Boundary and Federation Commission were found to be unconstitutional, and [commissioners] can’t operate in Puntland,” Puntland MPs said in statement.

They said, the bills approved by federal parliament are not legally binding and will not come into effect in Puntland.


Puntland parliament contested the formation of Galmudug administration in central Somalia, declaring it ‘illegal’ federal state which goes against article 49 of the federal constitution: “Only two or more regions my merge to form a federal member state”.

Parliament speaker, Saed Hassan Shire announced that they will see if their decisions are respected in the next parliamentary session.

“If Somalia Federal government sticks to these points, we will reconsider our ties with [Somalia Federal Government],” Shire told reporters in the parliament building.  

On July7, Puntland Presidency reacted to parliamentary endorsement of national commissions in a similar metaphor.

 “The Government of Puntland rejects the so-called illegal and illegitimate boundaries and federation commission, constituted currently without consultation as stipulated in article 111 of the Provisional Federal Constitution [PFC],” Presidential statement disclosed. “No deliberation or outcome from such body is binding to Puntland”.

Puntland parliament shunned suspending cooperation with Mogadishu-based federal government as President Ali is trying to allay growing public criticism.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in the capital Garowe, and Galkayo, blaming Somalia government’s federalism policy last month. 


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