Somalia: Puntland Police commander threatens Radio Garowe journalist


GAROWE, Somalia Dec 7, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Nugal regional Police commander Ahmed Abdullahi Samatar (Layli) has threatened Radio Garowe journalist Ali Abdi Du'alle with arrest following the arrival of heavily armed soldiers at station premises in the state capital of Garowe on Sunday, Garowe Online reports. 

"The commander along with soldiers broke into Radio Garowe building during the broadcast of daily news programs," said Du'alle. "He [Nugal regional Police Commander] told me that i published a banned report but i insisted that i have a right to update people on what's going on [in Somalia]".

Radio Garowe Director Ahmed Awil Jama told Garowe Online that the intimidation by Nugal regional police commander is contrary to media rules: "The threats of arrest do not comply with international standards of freedom of expression," said Jama. 

Du'alle Saturday covered a protest staged in Garowe by local motorists who were complaining about redundant tax.

Puntland government has blocked four news sites -Puntlandnow, Puntlandtoday, Galgalanews ,and puntlander -from inside the state. 

On July 21, Puntland parliament passed draconian bill which was labelled 'restrictive' by media fraternity. 

On August 7, security forces stormed Garowe's Shariqa hotel, arresting radio journalist Fadumo Yusuf Saed for talking to VOA Somalia Service on the brief seizure of Puntland State TV building by angry soldiers. 


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