Somalia: Puntland Political Parties Unite to Complete Local Council Elections by August 2024


GAROWE, Somalia - In a landmark move, political parties in Puntland have come together to ensure the completion of Local Council Elections in the remaining three districts before August 1, 2024. The parties involved in this historic decision include Mideye, Kaah, Horseed, Mustaqbal, Ifiye, and Sincad.

This agreement marks a significant step towards the advancement of democracy and the promotion of a more inclusive political process in the Somali Federal State. By committing to complete the elections in the remaining districts by the specified date, the political parties demonstrate their dedication to the democratic process and their determination to ensure the representation of the people in the local councils.

The completion of the Local Council Elections is vital for the effective functioning of local governance and the delivery of essential services to the residents of the districts. The decision to complete the elections by August 1, 2024, will help to establish local councils that can address the needs of the communities and work towards the development and progress of the region.

This development builds upon the historic precedent set by the first-ever “one person, one vote” elections held in three districts of Puntland on October 25, 2021.

This marked a significant milestone in Somalia's journey towards a more democratic process, where citizens have the power to elect their government leaders directly. Currently, Somalia's government leaders are chosen through indirect elections, with clan representatives electing parliamentarians who then vote for the country's top representatives.

The move by the political parties in Puntland to complete the Local Council Elections by August 1, 2024, further reinforces the region's commitment to democratic principles and the empowerment of its citizens.

This move sets the stage for a more transparent, accountable, and participatory local governance system, which will ultimately benefit the people of Puntland and contribute to the overall development and stability of the region.


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