Somalia: Puntland President addresses Parliament as 39th session kicks off


GAROWE, Puntland- The President of Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali “Gaas” has convened the 39th session of Parliament following the event of opening the new refurbished Hall, Garowe Online reports. 

Cabinet ministers, international delegates, traditional leaders and members of the civil society participated the parliamentary session held on Thursday.

The President delivered a lengthy speech focusing on security, politics, institutional reforms, promotion of trade, economy, and management of maritime resources, international cooperation and infrastructure development in the region. 

During the speech the President claimed that his government has achieved most of its agenda in the past years.


Ali addressed the 66-seats-chamber about latest security incidents including terror attack against the military forces in Afurur outpost. Ali said the region is facing huge security challenges from different fronts that are aimed to undermine the existence of the state.

He vowed the government will carry out an anti-terror offensive that will eradicate al-Shabaab group from their hideouts in Puntland.

Additionally, Ali promised to reward the security personnel who successfully seized cache of bomb-making materials from a truck bond to Bosaso city. The President revealed the his government will be responsible for providing welfare for the soldiers' family who died in the suicide bombing in Bosaso last month.    

He later indicated that joint security forces are carrying out security sweeps in major cities in the region to flush out militants and deter possible terror attacks.

-Garowe Airport’

Speaking about the infrastructure projects in Puntland, Ali said the construction work on Garowe Airport will be completed soon in the coming three months.

Similarly, the work on Galkayo Airport will kicks off shortly, whereas Bosaso Airport is currently upgraded with new equipment and firefighting trucks that are necessary for its operations, added the President.

The parliamentary session ended without the members of the Parliament had the chance to ask the President questions about his government’s shortcomings in the area of economy and security.