Somalia: Puntland President Declares Drought Emergency


GAROWE, Somalia-The President of Somalia’s Puntland Government Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has declared a state of drought during a meeting with representatives from 30 international NGOs in the state capital, Garowe on Friday.

Ali said, his government alone couldn’t tackle the worsening humanitarian situation facing nomadic communities in a region grazed by Cyclone Chapala. Puntland leader appealed for aid for hundreds affected by severe water shortage and emaciating famine.

“It has been forecasted that 65% of pastureland will be hit while 70 pc of heads of livestock in Puntland may be affected by the blistering drought, with 1.2 million people in rural vicinities food-insecure,” he told a news conference at Puntland State House.  

While acknowledging his government’s readiness for the drought emergency plans, he said the situation may overstretch government’s meager resources. 

“It’s both a religious and state responsibility for the government to make much-needed intervention but the relief efforts could be swelling beyond our capacity,” he added.  

Prices have plummeted substantially at livestock markets and nomads are languishing in El Nino-induced drought.

Sanag and Guardafu regions have so far reported of diminishing food supplies due to dry weather conditions in the northeastern region.


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