Somalia: Puntland President frees terrorist awaiting execution


GAROWE, Puntland - The incumbent president of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali [Gaas] has for the second time released a senior Al-Shabab commander from prison on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

Abdirizak Hussein Tahlil, known as [Ino Alool Geel] was sentenced to death by a court in Puntland's Bosaso last week over deadly terrorist attack in Galkayo city.

This was the second death sentence against Tahlil who was Al-Shabab's head of Finance and Logistics in Mudug region since 2013.

Sources said the release came after Mudug regional administration led by for Galkayo mayor expressed fear of an outbreak of inter-clan battle in the region if the Al-Shabab Islamist commander is executed.

Tahlil was handed over to local officials and Galmudug state authorities following his release from the central prison in Bosaso, the commercial city of Puntland on the order of the regional state leader.

His family told the media that Tahlil has been set free and subsequently flown to Mogadishu, the Somali capital on the same day of his release.

Previously, Tahlil was captured along with another Al-Shabab's Intelligence operative identified as Mohamud Nuh Aden alias [Abu Hafsa], by Puntland security forces during past Farole's administration.

Since coming into power as president of Somalia's northeastern Puntland in 2014, several high-ranking commanders of the Al-Qaeda-linked group pending death were released, including Tahlil in 2015.

Tahlil and four other militants have been re-arrested in 2017 during a joint operation by Puntland Security Forces [PSF], along U.S.-trained Somali troops for their role in the terrorist attack in Galkayo.

Mohamed Yasin Tumey who was fired by President Ali on Saturday, 17th November 2018 over incompetence and poor leadership welcomed the release of the terrorist as a "move towards peace".

"I welcomed and pay tribute to the transformation in Galkayo district and I am happy that the challenges and panic are now over after tireless efforts," said Tumey in a Facebook post.

President Ali has turned a blind eye to advise against the releasing of the detained Al-Shabab inmates from the state jails due to the security threats they pose to Puntland's peace and stability.


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