Somalia: Puntland President sacks top intelligence officials


GAROWE, Somalia-The President of Somalia’s Puntland Government Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has sacked two senior intelligence officials following a weekly security meeting at the presidential palace, Garowe Online reports. 

Ali replaced on Monday Puntland Intelligence Agency (PIA) Chief Sharmarke Sheikh Don and his deputy Abshir Adan with Mohamud Abdi Mohamed and Saed Salad Mohamud respectively. Moreover, a new security commander—Abdulkadir Jama Mohamed-- will be in charge of security of Intelligence Agency headquarters in the state capital, Garowe.  

Puntland President has previously named all intelligence officers at Intelligence HQ by decree.  

Insiders tell GO that the key security agency has been impeded by constant infighting among a roster of presidency-appointed officials.  

By Sunday, Puntland President convened top security meeting that brought together top generals and leading intelligence figures in light of increased Al Shabaab activities in the northeastern State.


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