​Somalia: Puntland President unveils his new cabinet Ministers


GAROWE, Puntland - President of Somalia's northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland Abdiweli Mohamed Ali "Gaas" has unveiled his new cabinet on Monday, reinstating former ministers into the line-up, Garowe Online reports. 

The spokesman of the presidency has announced the appointment of the ministers, which will replace the former cabinet dissolved by the state Parliament in July 18, 2017 following a no confidence motion. 

The cabinet list  

Salah Habiib Jama - Minister of Justice and religious affairs  

Abdullahi Ali Hersi - Minister of Interior and local governments 

Ahmed Abdullahi Yusuf Dowlad - Minister of Security and DDR 

Abdullahi Sa'ed Arshe - Minister of Finance 

Shire Hajji Farah - Minister of planning and International cooperation  

Abdifitah Sa'ed Aynab - Minister of Constitution and Federal affairs 

Abshir Ow Yusuf Isse - Minister Education 

Dr Abdinasir Osman Cowke - Minister of Health 

Abdirahman Barkhad Warsame - Minister of Public works and transport and housing 

Sa'ed Mohamed Rageh - Minister of ports and Maritime Security 

Ahmed Elmi Osman Karshe - Minister of aviation and airports  

Maryan Ahmed Ali - Minister of women development  

Abdi Hersi Ali Qarjab - Minister of Information 

Abdiweli Hersi Abdulle Indha-Guran - Minister of commerce and industries  

Abdullahi Sheikh Ahmed - Minister of veterinary 

Abdinasir Elmi Mohamed Bindhe - Minister of agriculture and irrigation 

Dr Ali Abdullahi Warsame - Minister of Environment  

Abdirashid Mohamed Hersi - Minister of fishing and Marine resources  

Abdikadar Farah Shaaciye - Minister of reconstruction and investment  

Abdirahman Sheikh Ahmed - Minister of Youth and Sports 


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