​Somalia: Puntland President's decision to relieve me from post is unconstitutional, says Dirir


GAROWE, Puntland- The former director of Anti-Piracy Agency has slammed recent decision by Puntland President in dismissing him from the post during his absence abroad, Garowe Online reports. 

Yesterday, President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali "Gaas" has sacked Abdirazaq Mohamed Dirir "Duaysane" following recommendation from the Minister of Ports, said the official presidential decree.

Speaking to the local media in Garowe, Dirir highlighted his past achievements during current and past administrations, and noted he took a big role in mobilizing Somali diaspora and local communities to take efforts in developing the region.

He said he assisted to bring needed projects to Somalia including Puntland region, most importantly the counter-piracy program, which greatly benefited the country.

However, he blamed Puntland President for undermining the agency's operations and cut necessary funds to run the agency, which prompted him to execute work from his residence In the past period.

He also accused President Ali of ignoring advise to amend the Agency's mission since piracy declined off the coast of Somalia, and focus on fighting illegal ships operating in Puntland.

Dirir indicated the threat of spike of illegal trawlers off the coast of Puntland and said local businessmen are involved in the matter while the government is turning a blind eye to the situation.

Moreover, Dirir said he attempted to organize a conference that focuses on illegal fishing and its risks, but fiercely opposed by the State Minister of Fishery who reported the move to the President and falsely claimed that i became an opposition.

He also stated the presidential decree was unconstitutional since President Ali is absence abroad whereas his Vice President is currently the acting President. But said in light of the situation surrounding the matter he opted to resign from the post.

This comes amid previous call from Dirir to regulate and fight illegal fishing off the coast of Puntland that affected livelihood of coastal communities.

Recently, angry fishermen in Alula have hijacked an Oil Tanker en-route to the Somali capital of Mogadishu, and held the vessel and crew hostage for a brief period before releasing it without conditions.

The fishermen claimed there were fighting illegal trawlers that drained their daily catch amid lack of actions from Puntland administration to fight illegal fishing.