​Somalia: Puntland security forces recaptured port town from ISIS


BOSASSO, Puntland- Security forces of northeastern region of Puntland, have wrested control of port town Qandala in Bari region after successfully pushing out faction linked to the Islamic State in Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

According to security official, the militants fled to nearby Mountains and Bin Ja’ael valley, whereas other reports said scores of militants among them injured fighters were spotted near Bur’a village.

Security and government officials are expected to hold press conference in Qandala village to give details on the security operations against the militant group.

Qandala coastal village is located 75 km east of Bossaso city and was seized by the militant group last October.

Last year, a faction led by Abdiqadir Mumin, defected from Al Shabaab militant group and announced allegiance to ISIS, and since then the group was recruiting and training new fighters to strengthen its grip in the region.

However, close sources tell GO that Puntland government is planning to build a military base in Qandala supported by U.S. to counter terrorism proliferation in the region.

Puntland region has been relatively stable compared to the rest of Somalia but sporadic attacks by the terrorist groups considered to pose significant risks to the stability of the region.