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Puntland Security Minister wounded in Bossaso gunfire Exchange


GAROWE, Somalia-Puntland Security Minister Abdi Hirsi Ali (Qarjab) has sustained gunshot wounds to his leg after being caught in a cross fire of a shootout in Bossaso port city on Thursday, Garowe Online reports. 

Bari regional Police Commander Abdihakin Yusuf noted that several people were wounded in “exchange of fire” by bodyguards of Puntland Police Chief Abdirizak Mohamud Yusufand the commander of paramilitary Birmadka forces Colonel Afdalow. 

Qarjab is said to be in a good condition, with reports indicating that he could be airlifted for further treatment. 

“May Allah make it easier, a shot penetrated into his thigh. His health condition is getting better for now,” said Yusuf.” 

A Deputy Commander [Ali Iman] shot in the kidneys is now in critical condition, there were also other security officers who are recuperating gradually following surgical treatments.” 

The soldiers fired at each other, wounding six people including the Security Minister who toured Birmadka forces base for authorized government inspection.  

“Paramilitary Birmadka forces commander arrived at the scenewhere the counting regarding actual number of soldiers was underway, and he subsequently traded punches with the Police Chief. [Qarjab was injured] by ensuing shots fired by bodyguards of the two commanders,” a security official said under customary condition of anonymity.  

Sources say, the gunfire exchange was likely triggered by an order that could have stripped Colonel Afdalow of post.  The shootout comes amid Puntland.


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