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Somalia: Puntland sets out standpoint on 2016 electoral transition


GAROWE, Somalia, September 22, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Government in northern Somalia has set out its standpoint on proposed Consultative Forum on electoral process, a day after leaders concluded national conference with communiqué, Garowe Online reports.

In a lengthy statement seen by Garowe Online on Tuesday, Puntland once again reiterated accusations on Somalia’s Federal Government [SFG), blaming UN-backed administration for failures to hold popular elections, insecurity, constitutional violations, unviable justice and lack of national healing and reconciliation.

Statement further disclosed that Puntland is ready to take a leading role in implementation of federalism and any possible model for more transparent elections in 2016.


The northeastern state proposed nine conditions; it said would help Somalia prepare for elections prior to the slated date.

Among the key concerns highlighted in the statement, are restoration of 2012 Provisional Federal Constitution(PFC), term extension, parliamentary selection process, Upper House, status of the capital, federal commissions, legitimacy of some interim administrations and power-sharing quotas of each federal member state.

Puntland indicated that the constitution signed by roadmap signatories with UNPOS present as guarantor on June 22, 2012 remains the agreed upon one.

“Election should be held on slated date without term extension, parliamentary selection process should be based on pre-1991 war 18 regions and districts, the process would only be binding under the consent of federal members states and outcome of grass-roots consultations, Upper House should be based on regions that existed before 1991 [and] final decision must be reached on the location, status and boundaries of Somalia capital,” read the statement by Puntland.

Continuing, Puntland called for the re-formation of all key commissions including Electoral Board, Boundary Commission, Committee on Justice and Constitutional Review Commission.

It also demanded that positions of federal member states that met constitutional criteria and others be determined.

Consultative Forum

Puntland endorsed Consultative Forum on Electoral Process, of which Federal Government President, Parliament Speaker, Prime Minister, regional Presidents, five Federal MPs, five Federal Government Ministers, five representatives from legitimate regional institutions and two Civil Society members are composed.

It said that interim regional administration pending will be represented by the national government.

Moreover, Puntland called for the close observation of United Nations, African Union, Arab League, IGAD, European Union, US, UK, Sweden and Italy in the run-up to elections by 2016.

New task force that comprises five members from the federal government and eleven members representing existing federal member states and interim regional administrations, accountable to the Office of the Prime Minister, has been suggested.

The task forces would devise strategies for the electoral process, and would implement the outcomes of Consultative Forum.

Puntland expressed its keenness on working with technical committee which would have a total of eleven members, with five representing Somalia Federal Government.

At the end of three-day meeting, reportedly marred by deadlocks, Somali political leaders agreed to convene a consultative forum on electoral transition on 14th of October.

Through November, forum stakeholders will discuss models for electoral transition with the members of the public.

By year end in December, Somali leaders are scheduled to meet again on outcome of nation-wide consultations.

On Sunday, Puntland and Jubaland stormed out of the conference for renewed row over Interim Galmudug Administration and passage of a vote of no confidence in Jubba regional assembly.


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