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Somalia: Puntland VP tours 54th Army Base after mutiny


GAROWE, Somalia, September 15, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Vice President Abdihakin Abdullahi Haji Omar has toured 54th Somali Army Base on the outskirts of the state capital on Tuesday morning, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland Army Chief Gen. Saed Mohamed Hirsi (Saed Dhere) and Security Ministry officials accompanied Omar on his visit to the striking soldiers.

The Vice President admitted to deprioritizing important army units stationed in the base, holding discussion on the overdue salaries of 28 months with brigadiers.

Government soldiers have been staying unpaid for two years and four months, despite circulating banknotes.

Five days ago, paramilitary units dubbed ‘Birmad’ set up roadblock near Bossaso over missing pays.

Puntland Government Minister later denied the strike of soldiers. 


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