Somalia: Puntland warns of ‘impasse’ if deals violated


GAROWE, Somalia-Puntland Government in northern Somalia Friday warned of “serious political impasse” if parliament passes proposed changes to national election blueprint, GaroweOnline reports. 

On Thursday, sources in Mogadishu have confirmed that a 26-member select committee comprising current MPs and former parliamentarians agreed to slash Electoral College members by 39, from agreed-upon 50.  

Furthermore, the existence of upper House has been called into question, well-informed officials told GO.  

Puntland insists that any unilateral move would threaten the country’s electoral transition later this year, and calls for respect for April 3 deal with Puntland, and the outcome of subsequentMogadishu leadership forum on April 12. A spokesman for Puntland President Abdullahi Mohamed Jama slammed Parliament speaker for insincerity over more viable political transition later this year.  

The mandate of current parliament will come to an end on August 20, 2016, just a few weeks to go until the presidential elections slated for September from that date. 

“Puntland sees the political culture of parliament speaker destabilizing, and a one aimed at jeopardizing 2016 election modality for extension beyond the constitutionally-mandated terms of legislative and government,” said Presidential spokesman.  

In early April, Puntland backed down from opposition to the election proposal introduced by UN-backed national government in January, entrusting IGAD with tight implementation to alsobe closely monitored by international community.


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GAROWE, Somalia-The President of Somalia’s Puntland Government, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, has defended Puntland’s opposition to any electoral process ushering in traditional 4.5 power sharing formula, Garowe Online reports.

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