Somalia: Scores rescued off Puntland coast


BOSSASO, Somalia-A boat with 92 would-be illegal immigrants trying to cross the Red Sea has docked at Bossaso seaport overnight on Friday, Garowe Online reports. 

Puntland marine officials say, the people on board the boat were rescued in a joint rescue mission with multinational anti-piracy taskforce off the coast of Somalia. 

85 of the 92 aboard are Ethiopian nationals while the remaining 7 passengers were said to be Somalis whose rickety boat developed mechanical crisis en route to conflict-wracked Yemen. 

The rescued are in good condition except for a pregnant mother whom doctors are treating at Bossaso hospital.

It is yet unclear whether the boat initially travelled from Bari and Sanag shores amid intensified efforts to crack down on human traffickers in the northeastern state. 

Hundreds of migrants drowned off Yemeni coast in a desperate bid to reach Saudi Arabia via Yemen over the last decade.


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