Somalia: Second Puntland official resigns in two days


GAROWE, Somalia, May 4, 2015 (Garowe Online)-The Mayor of Ayn regional capital of Buuhoodle Yusuf Mohamed Hassan (Abgaal) has resigned on Monday morning, making him the second Puntland official to step down in two days, Garowe Online reports.

Abgal told a news conference that he resigned from post after current Puntland administration failed to deliver on promises.

“Development projects are nonexistent in Ayn and Interior Ministry has failed to set up municipal council for Buuhoodle,” alleged outgoing Buuhoodle Mayor.

On Sunday, Deputy Galkayo Mayor Yacqub Mohamed Abdullahi submitted resignation letter, pointing to incompetence and failure to rise to pledges.

The two resignations might present unprecedented test to Puntland President who is now on visit to neighboring Kenya.

Puntland army troops and judicial officials have staged a series of strikes for long overdue pays.


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