Somalia: Security operations underway in Port City of Bossaso


BOSSASO, Somalia Sept 30, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Puntland Police are on manhunt for Alcohols-dealers and people in cars with tinted windows in the Gulf of Aden Port City of Bossaso according to officials, Garowe Online reports.

The Deputy Commander of Bari region Police Ahmed Yusuf Musse Tuesday told reporters that police arrested 10 people for selling alcohols and theft.

“The security operation is aimed at capturing those who are driving vehicles with black coats in the city, alcohols-dealers and thieves,” noted Musse, adding that the security situation has been improving over the last few days.

Puntland Government previoulsy banned cars with tinted windows due to security reasons. 

Meanwhile in the state capital of Garowe, ministry of Security launched a seven-day meeting on enhancement of cooperation between Police and ordinary residents.

Deputy Security Minister, head of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), commanders in charge of security matters and civil society activists attended the event at security ministry headquarters.

Puntland escaped worst upheavals in south-central regions where a two-decade-old chronic insecurity has prevailed.


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