​Somalia: Senator Farole condemns attack against Puntland forces in Afurur


GAROWE, Puntland- Federal Senator and former Puntland President, Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, has condemned yesterday’s deadly attack against Puntland Defense forces in Afurur outpost in Bari region, Garowe Online reports.  

A dawn raid by al-Shabaab fighters against Puntland forces was reported to have killed dozens soldiers and injury of 15 others. The militants also managed to seize weapons and burn battle wagons belonging to the troops before the arrival of backup forces.

Speaking to Radio Garowe (RG) from his residence in Australia, Senator Farole sent his condolence to the families, relatives and Puntland people for the loss of brave soldiers protecting their state. He later called for an extensive investigation into the tragedy, which is the first-time a militant group inflicted such causalities to the state troops in Puntland.

Farole urged Puntland administration to lead consultative meetings with stakeholders and state security chiefs to find solution to the current crisis in Bari region.

The militants arrive Puntland region following mounting pressure by allied Somali and AMISOM forces in southern Somalia, thus shifting to northern region to spread extremism and carry out terrorist attacks, said the Senator.  

Farole indicated there is disarray as security needs to be fixed, and emphasized on the importance to hold the responsible people accountable for the heinous tragedy.He prayed to Allah Almighty to bestow his mercy on the dead soldiers who were protecting their people

So far Puntland government hasn’t released statement regarding the causalities behind al-Shabaab attack.


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