Somalia: Severe drought reported near Bargal coastal town


BOSSASO, Somalia, July 14, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Severe drought has endangered the lives of hundreds of pastoralists in far flung areas in Bari region of northeastern Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

Female councilor in Bargal coastal town, Jawahir Musse Mohamed Tuesday told Puntland-based independent station, Radio Garowe that barrel of water values at 200,000 Somali Shilling ($10), an increase from 10,000 So.Sh ($0.5) per barrel of water at normal price.

“There’s a drought in Bargal but it is less drastic. The water became saline, also several villages have been affected,” said Mohamed.

The worst-hit villages include Qorahad, Conqoro and Nudiya where livelihood of pastoralists is also at risk.

Most of these areas, people are dependent on frankincense and earnings of fishermen in nearby Bargal coastal town. Nevertheless, she is worried about the emaciated livestock and soaring prices of water as well as diesel.

“Deyr and Gu’ rainy seasons were erratic and faded without adequate pasture. Water trucks wade along rough earthen roads, mostly in poor condition and there has been hiking fuel price of petrol” Jawahir noted, adding that illegal trawlers affected day-to-day activities by local fishermen in territorial waters.

Puntland government and international aid agencies have not reached out to the remote areas.

About 60% of population is reliant on raising of goats, sheep, camels and cattle for their livelihoods, however many households were left more destitute in recent famines. 


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