Somalia: Three farmers die from pesticide poisoning in Puntland


BO’AME, Somalia, September 8, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Three farmers have died from pesticide poisoning in Bo’ame town of northern Somalia according to Puntland Agriculture Ministry officials, Garowe Online reports.

Two members from the same family died instantly while a farm keeper in critical condition succumbed to the pesticide in the capital, Garowe.

Farm rescue department Director Abdulkadir Ali Samatar said, the victims mistook pesticides for salt, adding pesticide substances to the food.

“They thought, it was a salt and added [synthetic substances] to the food. Two Bo’ame farmers died right away while another man died in Garowe,” Samatar told reporters.

He faulted the accidental poisoning of farmers on lack of awareness and limited capacity of Puntland Agriculture Ministry.

Bo’ame is rich in agriculture, and it is a home to 120 farms that produces different types of agricultural products. 


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