​Somalia: Three missing when commercial boat capsizes near Bossaso


 BOSASO, Puntland- A commercial boat destined to Puntland has capsized near the port city of Bosaso in Somalia's northeastern region on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports. 

Puntland official said authorities believed a boat that sailed from Oman was carrying goods has overturned 14 miles away from Bosaso port, ferrying 12 crewmembers. So far 9 men were rescued and 3 sailors were reported missing.

The fate of the remaining crew is unclear, as rescue mission is ongoing, added the official.

Port authority told GO that the ship was carrying goods weighing 1200 ton, and believed heavy storms and winds may have contributed to overturn the ship.

This comes amid heavy rains and winds experienced in part of the region, and particularly in the northern coastal areas during the past couple of days.

Previously, several commercial ships were reported overturned off the coast of Puntland, belonging to local businessmen, who suffered economical losses and property damage. 


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