Somalia: Tigay named 2016 Garoweonline ‘Person of the Year’


GAROWE, Puntland- Mohamed Yusuf Jama “Tigay” has been selected as the 2016 Person of the Year in Somalia for his relentless efforts in humanitarian work, development and peace-building in the country that is recovering from the civil wars that hit the nation 25 years ago.

Each Year Garoweonline New Agency recognizes individuals’ extraordinary work and leadership to promote peace and development, which encourage citizens to take part in the reconstruction efforts in Somalia.   

Tigay was the former Governor of Mudug region in Somalia’s Puntland state from 2011 till 2015 and held the post during the current and past administration of former President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole.

During his tenure in office, he was commended for his continuous support for public led initiatives to develop the region and organized fund events to build roads for towns in Puntland.

He also encouraged Somali citizens to invest in the country, as he demonstrated the vast resources the region is rich for during his trips to different regions in Puntland.

Following his tenure, Tegay was lauded for his work in promoting tourism in Somalia. He established a company called “Magool” aimed to revive the national tourism industry that was ceased following the civil war.

The company operates in Puntland and specialized in organizing tours for foreign visitors and Somali nationals to visit historical sites, beaches, waterfalls and mountains ranges in Nugal region.   

He took a leading role in humanitarian work, and led fund raising campaigns for needy families that were affected from fighting that took place in Galkayo city and helped to construct few houses to accommodate some of the displaced families.

Tigay also helped a disabled kid who lives in boame town and managed to broadcast the fund raising campaign through the Somali channels to provide medical assistance to help his condition.  

He made awareness campaigns to discourage youth from illegal immigration and instead urged them to invest in the country.  

In 2016, Tigay with the collaboration of Radio Garowe hosted the fund raising campaigns for drought affected families, which managed to provide 201 water trucks to nomadic families in the drought-stricken regions in Puntland.  

In light of his tremendous work in Somalia and Puntland seen during his tenure of office and after, Garowe Online News Agency declares Mohamed Yusuf Jama “Tigay” as ‘Person of the Year’.

Garowe Online Editors, Staff Writers and the board members congratulate Mr. Tigay for his tremendous works for humanitarian, peace and development, and we wish him the best in his future endeavor. Garowe Online has screened quite a few Somali individuals and politicians for the coveted award ‘2016 of the Year’.