Somalia: Trucks carrying WFP donated food returned from Jariban

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GALKAYO, Puntland- Local authorities and prominent elders in Jariban district of Mudug region have jointly agreed to block offloading trucks carrying food distributed by WFP on Sunday, Garowe Online reports.

The authorities accused the United Nations’ World Food Programme’ of attempting to hand out expired food to drought victims in Jariban.

Last week, 11 trucks ferrying food supplies assigned to 3 different locations in the district, were all blocked after local communities refused to the take the food supplies, saying the donated food is not suitable for consumption, and caused illness among elders and children.

The trucks remained 5 days in the district, before the drivers headed back with the donated food supplies.

Residents told GO that the donated food was not suitable for human consumption. This comes after WFP have earlier notified beneficiaries that it will change the type of food it used to distribute.

Previously, about 4,000 residents and drought victims in the region used to receive flour, rice, sugar, dates and milk, but currently WFP replaced it with maize and beans.

Somalia lacks local independent body that oversees food distribution programs carried out by international organizations including WFP, which will ensure the safety of local people who receive food.


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