Somalia: Upper House election commenced in Puntland


GAROWE, Puntland- The ballot to select the candidates representing Puntland in the upcoming Upper House chamber of Federal Parliament has began in Garowe city at the Parliament Hall on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland Vice President Abdihakiim Abdulahi Haji Omar along with cabinet ministers, members of the state level electoral commission (SIEIT) and civil society have attended the session, which saw Puntland parliamentarians -65 MPS- casting their votes for the 22 candidates whose competing for 11 seats quota of the Upper House chamber.

The preliminary casting results marked the victory of former Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, caretaker Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, Abdirazaq Hasan Osman Jurile who won with narrow margin (1 vote) against his running opponent Hodan Ismail to secure the first seats of the Upper House.

The voting for the Upper House candidates in Puntland is expected to be wrapped up later today, whereas Upper House elections in Jubaland and Southwest regions were concluded yesterday.  


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