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Somalia: Warring clans in Sool agree to mediation


GAROWE, Somalia, September 26, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Warring clans in northern Sool region have agreed to mediation efforts by Puntland Vice President on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

Member of Parliament and delegation member, Saed Abdi Samatar (Sur’ad) has told Puntland-based independent station, Radio Garowe that progress has been made in preliminary efforts to broker ceasefire between the two clans.

Sur’ad said that local communities expressed readiness for the mediations initiated by a delegation led by Puntland Vice President, Abdihakin Abdullahi Haji Omar.

“[Both sides] agreed to peace, and Puntland have to play a prominent role in defusing tensions,” he added.

Sool and Ayn clan elders will be contacted to come to the negotiating table.

Last Tuesday, clan militias raided Qorilay town which lies on Puntland’s northwestern border with Ethiopia.

At least twenty people were reported killed in the latest clan revenge attacks that have been dragging on for ten years.


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