Somalia: World Bank to help Puntland Govt pay civil servant salaries


GAROWE, Somalia Oct 28, 2014 (Garowe Online) –Amidst growing frustrations over the unpaid salaries of civil servants and security forces, World Bank has expressed keenness in helping Puntland Government in northern Somalia pay delayed wages, Garowe Onlien reports.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Puntland’s Minister for Finance Shire Haji Farah in the state capital of Garowe on Tuesday, Winston Cole-Senior Financial Management Specialist at World Bank-unveiled that the international monetary body will provide capacity building assistance and a credit totaling USD 1.5 million with Puntland at the beginning of 2015.

Meanwhile, Puntland Finance Minister Farah noted that discussions between the north eastern state and World Bank officials centred on the capacity building of government employees, realization of new deal pact for Somalia and Puntland Government institutions to meet World Bank pre-conditions.

Civil servants and Puntland forces complain about unpaid salaries, with independent sources indicating that the shortfalls in budget remain mystery should the income generating sources including Bossaso seaport handle day-to-day activities.

United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea disclosed in confidential report that senior officials within Puntland government acknowledged possibly the existence of public sector financial mismanagement.

“Unconfirmed but credible information points to the low morale of the Puntland Security Forces since President Abdiweli’s election in January 2014, with senior security officials claiming financial mismanagement in terms of unpaid salaries,” the UN report alleged.  

Puntland, located in northern Somalia escaped the country’s bloodiest internal strife, and is held up as a role model when it comes to the loose federalization process.


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