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Somalia: Yemen crises spur arms smuggling into Puntland


BOSSASO, Somalia, April 6, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Yemen crisis spurred smuggling of arms consignment into Somalia’s northeastern state of Puntland according to multiple independent sources, Garowe Online reports.

GO learned that Yemeni businessmen clinched agreements with Somali arms dealers to sell weaponry on markets, already prompting concerns over the consequence of the damaging move by Puntland government officials.

Sources who spoke to GO on condition of anonymity said, first consignment was spotted in Bari coastal towns where Yemenis on dhows have long traded on catches in territorial waters.

Armed conflict experts told GO that the flood of illegal weapons from Yemen could have adverse effect on regional security.

Presidential spokesman Abdullahi Quranjecel said on VOA Somali service that Puntland will be keeping vigil on Somalis fleeing from Yemen.

Undisclosed number of convicted Somali pirates was freed in an attack on prison by Al Qaeda in the port city of Mukallah on Friday.

Airstrikes led by Saudi Arabia and Arab allies are edging closer to two weeks as Houthis struggle for wider influence is embroiling tribal militias and what US considers Al Qaeda’s most dangerous offshoot in the conflict. 


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