Suicide bomber kills Police commander at station in Bossaso Port City


BOSSASO, Somalia August 4, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Al Shabaab suicide bomber blew himself up at Police station in the Gulf of Aden Port City of Bossaso, killing commander, inland revenue head and two bodyguards according to officials on Monday, Garowe Online reports.

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Puntland Police Force Gen. Mohiyaden Ahmed Musse who spoke with Garowe Online via telephone confirmed that assailant in suicide vest targeted Bari region Police Commander Col. Abdirahman Ali Abaas (Muslim) inside the police compound.

nland Revenue head named as Mohamud Haji Saleban and some of his security guards were standing next to him when the suicide bomber detonated explosive devices.

On March 18, Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab militants killed the commander of Puntland Defence Force division operating near the difficult terrain of Golis and in Galgala area Col. Jama Saed Warsame in Ambush.

In December 2013, Al Shabaab targeted convoy carrying anti-piracy unit soldiers with suicide bombing.

Puntland launched massive offensive against Al Shabaab fighters in mid-2010, dislodging the extremists from large swathes along Golis Mountain range.

African Union peacekeepers alongside Somali National Army flushed the militants out of string of strategic towns in southern and central Somalia.


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