Tragedy in Somalia: Renowned Poet Jama Kadiye Elmi Killed in bombardment


LASCAANOOD, Somalia— Poet Jama Kadiye Elmi, a prominent Somali literary figure, was killed in a brutal shelling attack on LasAnod city, north of Somalia on Wednesday afternoon. Residents said a mortar shell struck the car of Elmi.

Jama was born in LasAnod and became a literary treasure shared by all the Somali people. His poems, touching on various social and political issues, resonated widely throughout Somalia. He contributed uniquely to Somali literature, crafting poetry that reflected the different colors of the nation's identity.

During his time with the revolutionary government, Jama wrote many poems that became popular among Somalis. His love for the unity of the Somali people was profound, and he was deeply affected by the issues plaguing his hometown of Lasanod since its occupation by the Somaliland army. His poems often depicted the hardships and struggles faced by the region's residents.

In addition to his literary pursuits, Jama Kadiye was one of the founders of the Puntland administration while residing in Garowe. This was during the period when the town of Lasanod was under the control of the Somaliland administration.

The loss of Jama has been keenly felt across Somalia. Politicians, writers, and the general populace have expressed their condolences and discussed the impact of his work.

Tragically, Jama's death reflects a broader issue in Somalia, where people have been killed or assassinated by terrorist groups like Al-Shabaab since the collapse of the Somali government.

The international community has repeatedly condemned the indiscriminate attacks carried out by the Somaliland army on innocent civilians. These attacks have cost the lives of many, including the city's intellectuals.

Jama Kadiye leaves behind a creative language that will endure in Somali literature, a lasting legacy for a nation he loved deeply. 


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